Tailor made gaming platform solutions:

The Betable Gaming platform is a great option for land-based businesses moving online, as well online brands that are looking for an advanced, modular platform with the ability to plug-in games and verticals.

The Problem

Land-based businesses understand that they need an online presence. Especially now. However, this isn’t easy. You need and expert that knows gaming, has the technology and can help you every step of the way.

Online brands that want a better, more efficient and productive way to be online, face similar problems.

The solution

The Betable Gaming platform is a complete turnkey solution for managing any online gaming business across multiple channels and products. The technology at its core specializes in online casino and can easily integrate with sportsbook, bingo and more. The technology can integrate with land-based assets in order to increase customer engagement, experience and ultimately value. The platform is completely modular and can be tailored to interact with your different setups.

White-label casino and bingo solutions

Owned and operated by Betable Group, Grace Media offers partners a unique turn-key solution that includes services like CRM, compliance, payments and fraud protection as well as providing a smart and reliable front end for players. Our goal is to ensure that we provide a wide array of quality gaming content that players enjoy.

The Problem

White-label providers are often slow, clunky and don’t provide end users or partners value for money. Gambling platforms typically require a huge amount of time and people to make sure customers are getting a high-level of service in a safe environment.

The Solution

We embrace technology and focus on player experience. Our innovative platform supports and operates a full casino solution, creating impressive revenue streams. The e-gaming customer always comes first with VIP-style service along every step of the way.

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